Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Heart Stuff

So I mentioned before that my doctor sent me to see a cardiologist because of the weird racing heart/dizziness/difficulty breathing issues I was having. Those could all be just hormones and nutritional issues caused by pregnancy that will go away or they could be causing long term heart issues. So, I got to go get an EKG and an ultrasound of my heart - which both came back normal. But they still wondered why my heart was beating so fast and hard all the time. The solution was for me to wear a heart monitor for a month.

So yesterday I got the monitor and immediately started having issues. Basically I have electrodes attached to my chest that lead to an ipod sized monitor that I have to wear at all times for the next 30 days (no this is not a Morgan Spurlock episode). Whenever I have an incident I record it and then send it over the phone to the lab. If my heart reaches a certain rate it will autorecord the incident then beep at me incessantly until I call it in (I'm feeling scarily like Sawyer on Lost at this point). Fun times.

Well its all good until about an hour later when I'm at the grocery store and the thing starts autorecording. I'm not feeling anything, but apparently my heart level is elevated enough to record an incident. This is a tad disturbing since what I call incidents are much much worse. (now I'm thinking about the rabbit on Lost...). so I go to call it in only to discover that i can't use a cell phone to report things in. It has to be a landline. Um, we don't have a landline. We don't work anywhere that has a landline. So after many calls back and forth to the doctor's office and the lab about options and stupid technology... we are getting a landline. For a month.

Can I just take this moment to express my level of frustration with my health and this pregnancy... Why does it seem that everything has to be insanely way more complicated than it ever should be? Can't I just be pregnant without umpteen bazillion complications and hassles? (and yes I feel very guilty in a knock on wood sort of way for complaining about anything to do with the pregnancy, but still...)

okay rant over.

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