Friday, February 29, 2008

When will the world stop spinning?

So I collapsed at the doctor's office today. I was getting a shot and then everything started spinning and I started blacking out. They had to lay me down while I tried not to throw up and clenched my eyes against the light. Well at least now I assume they believe me when when I say "dizziness and vertigo are a problem"... It was embarrassing though. When this happens at home I just lie down. At the doctor's office they kinda freak out, run for the doctor and start doing all sorts of tests on me. Of course they found nothing wrong besides the fact that I'm weird and my body really doesn't like being pregnant (not that they put it in those words exactly).

I'm just sick of all the dizziness and wish the world would stop spinning occasionally. Most days stuff is just vaguely "off." I can still function, read, write and all that. Other days I shut down I feel so horrible. The closest thing I can compare it to is a combination of the worst parts of being drunk plus the hangover afterwards - I'm dizzy, nauseated, shaky, sensitive to light and sound, achy, and stuck with a splitting headache. On top of that then often comes the cramping, contractions, and heartburn. This isn't stuff they talk about in those "what to expect when you're expecting books." I'm excited and happy about the baby, but I would love to just feel normal for a day

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Monday, February 25, 2008

20 Weeks

Baby bulge picture - Julie at 20 weeks

Baby Registry

Baby Registry
Mike and Julie Clawson and Baby due June 30, 2008

We want to use cloth diapers this time around and so need to actually get some!

Diapers (3 dozen needed)

Little Beetle ONE
All sizes (mostly 2), any color. snap closures. Top choice.

Swaddlebees Organic Cotton Velour Fitted Diaper
All sizes, any color.

Sckoon 100% Cotton Breathable Baby Diaper
All sizes.

Bottombumpers All-In-Ones (Organic Cotton)
All sizes. Any color. (except pink).

bum genius One size Organic All-in-Ones
Grasshopper or Twilight

Diaper Covers (6-8 needed)

Organic Cotton Velour Diaper Cover
Any color. Sizes Sm - XL.

Bumkins Cloth Diaper Cover
All sizes. Blue colors.

Sckoon Organic Cotton Breathable Baby Diaper Cover
All sizes.

Other Items that would be useful/fun

Sit n' Stand Stroller

Wahmies Diaper Pail Liner
3 needed, any color

Wahmies Wet Bag - 2 needed, regular size

Hotsling Organic Baby Carrier

Nursing Shawl

The Safe Sippy - 3 desired, any color

We could also use boy appropriate baby clothes. Being me, I prefer earth-toned and animal themes to the typical sports, construction, and vehicle themes of most boy clothing. And organic fabrics would be nice as well.

Many of these items are also listed on our Amazon Registry

Thank you!